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07 Oct

Went away for a few days break with Bronwen last week. When we got back on the Friday there was a message from our doctor asking us to have a routine follow-up blood test. I duly complied that afternoon but did not manage to call back for the result before his surgery closed for the weekend.

Over the weekend we did normal things such as mowing lawns and gardening, attending church on Sunday morning, travelling to the beach and playing in the rock pools with the grandchildren in the afternoon and driving home for a relaxing Sunday evening. On Monday we moved furniture around because we had carpet cleaners coming.

I then remembered about the blood test and phoned the surgery for the result. With concern, the doctor informed me that the haemoglobin had slipped again (from 114 to 86) and that I needed to go to the hospital for another transfusion. By the time we had returned the furniture to its normal position, I got to the hospital late in the afternoon where another blood test showed it had dropped even further to 71!

I was admitted and given 2 units of blood overnight and another two units during the day on Tuesday. I was scheduled to have another Gastroscopy on Wednesday so that they could investigate further what is causing the slow loss of blood. (I am not losing large amounts into my stoma bag as I was during chemotherapy)

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