Fill-up time again!

28 Oct

I had to have another blood test this week.

Positive news: Platelets are rising.

Negative news: Haemoglobin has fallen again so I have to go to the Hospital tomorrow to be topped up with another 3 units of blood. It will be nice when someone can discover where the slow leak is.

Negative news: In spite of eating more steaks, lamb, brazil nuts, mussels, marmite and foods high in iron, my iron count has gone down another point to 13. But then again, lose blood, lose iron! Still, the drop is not as fast as it was between 1 September and 1 October when it dropped from 20 to 14. We’re holding our own.

Positive news: The vitamin K component of my iron must be good for my platelet count to be rising.

Positive news: A few months ago my oncologist stated that my future was not bright because I have cancer in my blood-stream. By tomorrow evening I will have had 14 units of blood in 6 weeks. I must be getting close to flushing the old blood-stream out.

Best news: God is in control of our lives and is not playing games with us.

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