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26 Oct

Several weeks ago the Teaching Radiologist at the Otago Medical School in Dunedin spoke to me as he explored ways to facilitate ablating the metastasis in my lung using the technique known as RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation). He also believed it might be possible to ablate the two remaining mets in my liver at the same time. He evidently wrote to my Oncologist in Nelson at that time for her to ratify a process he had set up.

As I have heard nothing from him or my Oncologist since then I phoned him in Dunedin today and he said that he had written but has had no reply from the Oncologist!

I phoned the Oncologist’s secretary at the Nelson Public Hospital clinic to ascertain if the Radiologist’s letter had been received. I was informed that the letter was received and a response written. Unfortunately the Oncologist has been away for the past 10 days so the letter has not been signed or sent!

Grrrr. The letter will evidently be signed and sent tomorrow when the Oncologist returns to Nelson for her clinic. I was not given any clue as to the contents of her response to the Radiologist other than being told I would probably find out the next step before the Oncologist does. I hope that means the Radiologist has been given the go ahead and that he will be the next person I hear from.

Do you understand why the clients in the NZ Public Health System are called ‘patients’?  They have to be very patient!

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