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Colonoscopy and gastroscopy

I had the colonoscopy and gastroscopy yesterday. I was in gaga land for the whole event and can’t remember much of what went on. The surgeon told me that the scope showed the colon is clean and clear. Circumferential ulcerated lesions are still evident and ‘angry’ in the duodenum. Several samples were taken for biopsy and the results of these should be known in about 10 days.

My next procedure is the CT scan next Thursday.

I am looking forward in hope to some day enjoying a prolonged period with no impending doctor’s appointments or procedures.

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God is good in the midst of delays

I was supposed to have three units of blood last week but the earliest the transfusion could be scheduled at the hospital is next Tuesday, 23 November. In the meantime the medical staff hoped my haemoglobin would not drop too much further and that I would not ‘over-exert’ myself. In spite of the dropping blood count, my iron levels have been going up which may account for me having a little more energy than is normal prior to my transfusions.

Today, Saturday 20th November, was Nelson A & P Show Day. Bronwen and I were able to take Abe & Phoebe to the Show and we had a wonderful time. Ferris Wheel, animal nursery, horse jumping, dog agility tests, sheep shearing, and even introducing the children to bee-keeping. The highlight was the chance to take them on a helicopter ride from the Showground over Rabbit Island and back. We all loved it, and I didn’t even feel tired when we got home after 7 hours at the Show.

What will I be like after the addition of 3 more units of blood next Tuesday?

Introducing Abe & Phoebe to bee-keeping

Ready for our helicopter ride

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Busy medical timetable for next 10 days

Nothing happens, then it all happens at once!

On Tuesday, 23 November, I return to Nelson Hospital for another transfusion of 3 units of blood;

On Friday, 26 November, I am back there again for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy so that the medical team can try and discover the source of my internal bleeding;

On Thursday, 2 December, I am scheduled to have a CT scan to ascertain what is happening to the two remaining metastases in my liver and the one in my lung. It will also give an indication if there has been any spread of metastases to other parts of my body.

The possibility of ablating the remaining metastases will hinge on the outcome of these investigations and a possible CT PET scan.

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Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy booked

After rather fortuitously seeing the surgeon at the airport on Sunday, I had a call from his secretary yesterday advising me that I have been booked in for a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy to try and locate the source of my internal bleeding. It is set down for 26 November. I will be seeing the surgeon himself at his clinic today to discuss the problem and the procedure.  I finally feel as if something is happening again.

One learns to trust God’s control of people and circumstances both when things are obviously happening and when it appears nothing is happening.

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Good and bad in blood tests

I had another blood test on Monday. My haemoglobin is falling once again and I will need to have another transfusion later this week. On the plus side, my iron levels have started to rise again since I’ve gone onto the steak, lamb, liver, oyster, broccoli, brazil nut type diet. That raised if from 5 to 14 and then since also adding ferrous sulphate pills 10 days ago, my iron is this week up to 30 which is in the normal range. Hurray!

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Where is a doctor when you need one?

I’ve just had a run of meeting my doctors informally away from the hospital.

On Wednesday afternoon I took Abe and Phoebe fishing down at a Nelson wharf. We heard a cheery ‘hello Doug’ and there was my Oncologist sitting at an adjacent cafe having lunch with her husband and son. After they had finished their meal they came to inspect our prowess. We caught nothing.

Then on Saturday Bronwen and I were at Kaiteriteri eating lunch outside the Shoreline Cafe. Again I heard a cheery greeting. This timeI it was the Nelson Hospital Surgical Registrar who was there with his girlfriend.

On Sunday afternoon on our way home to Nelson to join Abe’s birthday party BBQ at the beach, I needed to find a clean rest-room. We stopped at the Nelson airport. As I came out of the airport, I again received a cheery greeting and a friendly handshake – this time by my surgeon. He informed me that I was due to see him this week for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy. I had heard nothing officially but told him that was welcome news.

I couldn’t help laughing as I returned to the car. I may not understand what is going on with my body, but there is no mistaking the little signs that God has His eye and care upon me.

On the other hand, you know you’ve been in hospital too often when the specialist doctors greet you in public by your first name!

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