God is good in the midst of delays

20 Nov

I was supposed to have three units of blood last week but the earliest the transfusion could be scheduled at the hospital is next Tuesday, 23 November. In the meantime the medical staff hoped my haemoglobin would not drop too much further and that I would not ‘over-exert’ myself. In spite of the dropping blood count, my iron levels have been going up which may account for me having a little more energy than is normal prior to my transfusions.

Today, Saturday 20th November, was Nelson A & P Show Day. Bronwen and I were able to take Abe & Phoebe to the Show and we had a wonderful time. Ferris Wheel, animal nursery, horse jumping, dog agility tests, sheep shearing, and even introducing the children to bee-keeping. The highlight was the chance to take them on a helicopter ride from the Showground over Rabbit Island and back. We all loved it, and I didn’t even feel tired when we got home after 7 hours at the Show.

What will I be like after the addition of 3 more units of blood next Tuesday?

Introducing Abe & Phoebe to bee-keeping

Ready for our helicopter ride

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