Radio-frequency ablation on hold

10 Nov

I had another Blood Test on Monday and appointment with the Oncologist yesterday (Tuesday).

Blood test reveals haemoglobin slowly going down again at 99; platelets hovering around 97 and affecting clotting process; iron level has dropped dramatically to 5 (from 13.5 two weeks ago and 20 in September). Also of concern is the increase in liver function rate to 234 (normal is 20 – 50).

A follow-up CT scan has been ordered and the Nelson surgical team again asked to find the source of the constant slow bleeding and seek to stem it. That means a colonoscopy and another gastroscopy with biopsies if they find bleeding sources. Until the bleeding problem has been rectified, no specialist is going to agree to any other intervention procedures to deal with the remaining metastases.

I hope all this can happen soon.

‘It’s a long and winding road …’

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