Some progress on RFA likely

04 Nov

Because my local Oncologist was not keen to pursue RFA of the lung metastasis as I still  have two remaining in the liver, I queried the possibility of having those two liver mets resected. She was not sure it was a good idea but agreed to refer it to the surgical and oncology team in Christchurch.

A response has come from Christchurch agreeing that surgical resection of the liver is not advisable, however the team there did suggest that those metastases could be ablated using the Radio-Frequency Ablation procedure. They also suggested that the met in the lung should be resected at the same time. Praise be!!

I have an appointment with my Nelson Oncologist next Tuesday to discuss the matter further. I am still keen to proceed with the Radiologist in Dunedin who has been very supportive and pro-active throughout. At least I am pleased that at least now someone else in the field is suggesting RFA as an effective treatment in my case.

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