Where is a doctor when you need one?

15 Nov

I’ve just had a run of meeting my doctors informally away from the hospital.

On Wednesday afternoon I took Abe and Phoebe fishing down at a Nelson wharf. We heard a cheery ‘hello Doug’ and there was my Oncologist sitting at an adjacent cafe having lunch with her husband and son. After they had finished their meal they came to inspect our prowess. We caught nothing.

Then on Saturday Bronwen and I were at Kaiteriteri eating lunch outside the Shoreline Cafe. Again I heard a cheery greeting. This timeI it was the Nelson Hospital Surgical Registrar who was there with his girlfriend.

On Sunday afternoon on our way home to Nelson to join Abe’s birthday party BBQ at the beach, I needed to find a clean rest-room. We stopped at the Nelson airport. As I came out of the airport, I again received a cheery greeting and a friendly handshake – this time by my surgeon. He informed me that I was due to see him this week for a colonoscopy and gastroscopy. I had heard nothing officially but told him that was welcome news.

I couldn’t help laughing as I returned to the car. I may not understand what is going on with my body, but there is no mistaking the little signs that God has His eye and care upon me.

On the other hand, you know you’ve been in hospital too often when the specialist doctors greet you in public by your first name!

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