No longer candidate for RFA

14 Dec

I spoke with the Radiologist in Dunedin this morning and he informed me that Radio Frequency Ablation would not be a safe or viable option for me any more. With three mets in the lung and 5 in the liver it is at the outer limit for acceptability. The matter is further complicated by the fact that two of the lung metastases are on the left and right dome of the diaphragm which makes them extremely tricky to ablate. While every attempt would be made to localise the heat, the major risk is evidently the distinct possibility of burning a hole in the diaphragm! Such an outcome has the opposite effect to hastening recovery.

I have an appointment with my local Oncologist next week, but I believe that there is no urgency for further treatment until my situation becomes ‘symptomatic’. At that stage treatment would be palliative aimed at alleviating symptoms. Hey, but what’s new? That’s all my treatments and procedures have ever been since I was first diagnosed in October 2008! Back then I received a certificate stating “this man will never work again” – but I have and I am!

I am not having any more pain from the tumours than I’ve ever had, and they are controlled by Panadol. I have no symptoms from the lung mets and overall I feel great. I am scheduled to conduct some worldview lectures for a Bible College in January and hope to be able to accept other invitations now as well. Our times are in God’s hands and we will keep on keeping on till the ref blows the final whistle.

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