No more treatments for a while

21 Dec

I saw the Oncologist last Monday and she commented on how well I look.

The blood test taken last week shows my haemoglobin at an acceptable level of 108 (normal is 120+). Platelets (clotting function) is still low at 81. The upside of that is I probably won’t have a heart attack or stroke! Both my CEA (cancer markers) and liver function are raised which is not so good. They are 95.2 (October – 26.4) and 288 (October – 245) respectively.

There are no further medical or surgical interventions available to me due to the increase in the number of metastases. There is palliative chemotherapy that I could have but there is no urgency for that as I have minimal symptoms.

My weight and appetite are both good and as the Oncologist agrees, part of the reason I’m feeling so good is that no-one is doing anything to my body at the moment!

We plan to enjoy Christmas and take advantage of no treatment and feeling good to do some things on our wish list in the New Year.

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