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CT Scan Results – not quite so good!

The CT Scan I had a week ago has revealed the disturbing news that the metastasis in the lung has continued to grow. Unfortunately another 2 small lesions have also now appeared in the left and right lobes.

The 2 metastases in the liver have stopped reducing in size and have instead started to grow quite significantly. They have been joined by 3 other new mets in different segments of the liver. That means a total of 5 metastases throughout the liver.

What repercussions these new developments have on having them ablated is presently being considered by the Radiologist in Dunedin who is also exploring with his Oncology colleagues if and what other interventions might be be possible.

Although the mets seem quite large to me, my Oncology nurse here in Nelson has told me that comparing the size of them to other metastases they see, mine are still quite small.

Some positives are that there is no sign of cancer in any of my lymph nodes, bones, or other organs. I am also in good shape physically with no symptoms from the lung tumours. Any pain I get from the liver mets is still controlled with Panadol and is no worse than it has ever been. I actually have more energy than I have for ages; I still have a good appetite; my weight is stable; and I feel better than I have for many many months.

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Colonoscopy results – Good news

The results of the Colonoscopy done on 2nd December show the colon is all clear.

The duodenum and gastric biopsies of samples taken showed acute chronic inflamation and other ulceration and ‘erosion’. It concluded that the foreign bodies were consistent with being some of the radio-active spheres that have leaked their way from the liver. There was also evidence of localised radiation no doubt coming from the spheres.

The really good news is that no ‘diagnostic dysplasia or malignancy’ was identified.

The bleeding also stopped about 2 weeks ago and apart from a little bleeding following the taking of the samples for biopsy, there has been no recurrence of that problem.

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It’s been a full weekend

Today we all went to church in Hope and stayed for a shared lunch. We then came back to Nelson to watch the Christmas Parade at 1pm. It was a beautiful hot day and the children loved the variety of floats.

Following the Parade, Bronwen and I went to the School of Music to witness the Nelson Male Voice Choir’s final concert for the year. An added highlight for us was that the concert featured a special guest playing a variety of classical music on the School of Music’s new Steinway Grand Piano. The guest artist was none other than my surgeon, Mr Adrian Secker. He was excellent. In all my dealings with him, the only time I have seen him looking nervous was the few minutes before he went on stage to play.

Such is the character of the man, that the moment he entered the auditorium, he noticed Bronwen and I and came over to enquire about the surgical procedures I had performed on me the week before last. (He had been overseas at the time so had delegated the colonoscopy and gastroscopy to a colleague). No wonder he is so popular as a man and as a surgeon. You could say, he’s a ‘cut’ above the rest. His piano playing, completely from memory, was also excellent.

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Weekend of dirty fun

After working around the house property on Saturday, Simeon, Abraham, Phoebe and I went to the Speedway Circuit in Richmond and spent a great 2 hours being assaulted by noise, high octane fuel smells, thrills, spills and flying mud as the various classes of cars careened around around the course. A great diversion.

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Welcome assistance

On Friday evening we went to the airport and picked up Simeon who arrived from Canberra to spend a week with us. When he informed us he was coming, he asked us to prepare a “To Do” list which is going to be most useful. He is going to help with many of my little unfinished projects around the house and also help sort out the family computers.

An added bonus was that he brought our grand-daughter Lara (age 4). I was the only one who had no idea she was coming so it was a wonderful surprise to see her at the airport too. Phoebe has often spoken of wanting to see Lara so she is going to have a great week with her cousin.

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