Having fun over New Year

04 Jan

Christmas and New Year have been fun with relatively little discomfort. Just the odd niggle in my right back torso from the liver mets – could be just old age though because they feel a lot like little pulled muscles!

Slept the New Year in which has become our custom (Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!). The weather has been so good that the lawns have grown and I’m having to mow them weekly. Have also been having fun taking Abe and Phoebe to the beach, Pigeon Valley Steam Museum and all the activities around Tahunanui Beach.

Far from exhausting me, I find that the time I spend with them actually relaxes and energises me – makes me feel young again. I only wish the rest of my grandchildren were closer so that I would have fun with them too!

Blacksmiths Shop

Traction Engine

Modellers' Park, Tahunanui


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