‘One out of the box’

17 Jan

I have just returned from having my portacath flushed and was discussing my state of health with the Oncology Nurse. She told me I am looking better than she’s seen me look for a long time and that my health situation is ‘one out of the box’. (Perhaps that means I’m not ready for THE box yet!) She gave me a print out of my blood tests since early last year and they show that my kidneys, liver, lungs, iron and blood are stable, with some even improving. The only negative is that my CEA levels are rising and that indicates my body is fighting foreign bodies, namely cancer tumours.

My energy levels are still good and I am sleeping well at night. I have no symptoms from the lung tumours and only occasional twinges from the liver mets. Last week we had a repiler come to pack some sunken piles under the house. He went under the house and asked me to jump up and down in some areas to help him identify weaknesses. What it identified for me is that jarring through jumping is not pleasant to my liver!

Nevertheless, after that I went bush walking over a headland in the National Park and also did some sea-kayaking with my younger brother.

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