Crazy blood test results

15 Feb

Maybe it is the margin of error in the laboratory’s analysis of my blood tests, or maybe there is a physical reason, but my last two blood tests have yielded odd results.

I had my normal three-weekly blood test last Wednesday and got the results yesterday. They showed a marked decline in my haemoglogin, platelets and iron indicating I would probably need a blood transfusion this week. Today I saw the Oncologist who was surprised by the result and ordered another blood test. She phoned me with the result and the haemoglobin and platelets are both back to where they have been for the past month or two, meaning I don’t need a blood transfusion after all.

The blood results are still below normal. Sometimes I wish they would just give me a few more units to put me above normal so that I can maintain that level rather than battle to reach it.

The positive news is that my liver function, though raised, is lower than it has been for a few months. Once again, this could be a ‘margin-of-error’ issue. At least it shows my liver is still coping pretty well. The Oncologist does not believe I need to continue with the three-weekly tests but rather just get another blood test if and when I feel there is a marked decline in my energy levels.

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