I need to be more circumspect!

25 Feb

Last weekend when I was in Hanmer Springs I rode the new super-bowl hydroslide with Phoebe who needed an adult with her. (Abe was tall enough to go on his own). On one of the descents we went backwards into the bottom buffer fairly hard. It gave me quite a belt in the back in my liver area but I thought no more of it.

We drove home on Monday but by Tuesday afternoon I was starting to feel pain in the lower right diaphragm. When I went to bed that night it was very hard to do more than shallow breathing without significant pain. (I had to take Morphine elixer at 4am Wednesday – something I hadn’t needed for more than 12 months.)

Fearing the worst, that the metastases had now grown to the point they were making their presence felt above what Panadol could contain, I made an appointment to see the doctor. I was given a thorough examination of lungs, liver and diaphragm. The conclusion was that my BP and pulse showed no sign of distress; nor did my lungs. I had experienced some bleeding inside my liver that was causing referred pain to the daiphragm. In other words there was quite extensive bruising. It was then I recalled the belt to my liver on the hydroslide. Because of the chemo and treatments my liver has been subjected to over the past 2 years, I was told its tissue is very fragile and I need to be careful how I treat it. I was assured that provided my platelets and haemoglobin were OK, I would pull through well.

A blood test showed my haemoglobin and platelets are continuing to rise and are the best they have been for several months. I had less pain on Wednesday night and absolutely no pain when I awoke this morning. This suggests the liver is continuing to function well with good ability to regenerate.

I am a grateful chappy who will learn to be a little more circumspect when it comes to adventurous activities!

The end of the superbowl ride. Abe is just arriving in background

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