Latest visit to Oncologist a positive experience!

15 Feb

I kept my appointment with the Oncologist today. I haven’t seen her since December when the scan results and prognosis produced a very negative response from her.

Today she was amazed at how well I look and very encouraged by my lack of major symptoms. She is happy to see me ‘making hay while the sun shines’ and resuming speaking engagements and other activities. She is pretty sure I am not on a temporary high that will produce a sudden ‘crash and burn’. There is no benefit in obtaining further scans until symptoms emerge that suggest major problems being caused by the metastases. She does not believe I need to see her again for at least three months but has made herself available if things do go pear-shaped.

I am off to Hanmer Springs this weekend to preach and then in March I will be undertaking a series of seminars for men. We then plan to visit Australia to see a new grandson in Canberra and help Philippa celebrate her 40th birthday. I have been asked to speak at a camp for senior high-school students at the end of May and am contemplating a short visit to Malaysia and Singapore in June. The Oncologist believes I should be fine to do all of those engagements but has warned me not to overdo it, nor to travel anywhere where obtaining medical assistance or repatriation to NZ in an emergency might be expensive or a problem as I am not eligible for Travel Insurance.

Our priority is still sowing into the lives of our children and grandchildren and fitting some ministry around that. Whatever time I have left is not about ‘me’ and completing some bucket-list of exotic travel destinations and experiences. Knowing my time is shortened somewhat means that I want to make what’s left count for eternity and to leave a positive deposit in people’s lives. “So help me God.”

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