Radio Frequency Ablation reviewed

14 Feb

Back on 24 December 2011 I blogged that ablating the remaining metastases in the liver and lung were no longer an option because of the appearance of 2 new mets in the lung and 3 new ones in the liver. Because the new mets in the lung are on the dome of the diaphragm it is too dangerous to ablate them because it is not possible to fully localise the heat and the consequences are usually fatal.

A couple of weeks ago I phoned the Radiologist in Dunedin to ask if he might be able to still proceed with the larger one in the lung and the two bigger ones in the liver. He promised to investigate and phoned me later that same day with the news. He said, “You will not believe this Doug, but 3 of the mets in the liver are also on the dome of the diaphragm and another is adjacent to a major vessel!” Those 4 plus the 2 others on the dome of the diaphragm in the lung mean I would probably not survive the ablation procedure.

All along we have asked the Lord for definitive results in deciding on tests and procedures. This seems to us to be pretty clear. The Lord continues to direct our paths towards an outcome we are confident will not be frustrated by personal or medical competency or incompetency.

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