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Be careful what you say – some people aren’t listening

Sometimes I get a little weary of always having to explain to well-meaning people how I am feeling.
The other day I decided to be a little cryptic in my reply. A medical person asked me how I was, and I replied, “I am not as good as I was yesterday but definitely better than I will be tomorrow!” The medico responded, “Oh, that’s good” and I nearly brained him.

How often do we ask questions and expect the usual platitudinal answer. How often do we not hear answers to the questions we ask other people? And perhaps I especially need to be careful how I answer people lest someone really believe a facetious answer I may give.


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Getting back to normal

I had 3 units of blood pumped into me last Friday over a period of 6 hours at Nelson Hospital.

Saturday was a wipe-out. I felt as if I’d been run over by a truck. What surprises me is that although there was an immediate improvement in my colour, the physical effects of the transfusion take a few days to kick in. Even today, Monday, although I feel mildly better, I think I still felt better the day before the transfusion when the haemoglobin was very low!

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that though the laboratories do their best to match my own blood with the blood I am to receive, it can never be a total match. That could mean that a ‘rejection’ battle can take place until the new blood is properly assimilated.

Never mind, tomorrow is another day which should show another improvement.

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First transfusion this year

I’ve been feeling a wee bit more lethargic over the past ten days and it appears my iron levels and platelets are not recovering as fast as we’d like following the big bleed a couple of weeks ago. My doctor has booked me into the Hospital Day Stay unit this Friday morning for a transfusion just to boost my levels and kick me along a bit. It’s the first transfusion I’ve needed in 3 months so that’s a mile-stone.

I’ll be dangerous by the weekend!!

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Enjoying preaching again

On Thursday night I started a four-week series of men’s meetings at Hope Community Church that we attend. There were a good number of men present and I felt no physical ill-effects from the session.

Tomorrow I am preaching at another church.

It is good to be able to accept a few invitations again, but I am being careful not to overdo things.

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Can’t figure out bleeding

Since the big 580ml bleed I had 10 days ago I have twice another 40ml in ‘one-off’ bleeds. There seem to be no rational reasons why after several normal Stoma bag cleans I should suddenly find fresh blood. I have been keeping a record of what I’ve been eating and doing prior to those minor bleeds but there is no trend. If the doctors aren’t worried about a 580ml bleed, they are not going to be concerned about 40ml bleeds several days apart. And if they are not worried, why should I be?

Today Bronwen and I tidied up some overgrown shrubs around the property. I even used the chain-saw to cut back some unruly branches. There has been no consequent bleed!

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Hospital visits not enough to slow me down

I seem to be a bit behind in my posts!

After spending time at A & E after the blood loss on 10th March, I was well enough the next day to take Phoebe to see the Dora the Explorer stage show in Nelson. Later that day Abe and I went to watch the Crusaders thump the ACT Brumbies at Trafalgar Park.

The next day everything seemed to progress as normal

Self-portrait: Abe & I at the Crusaders v Brumbies rugby match

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