Can’t figure out bleeding

19 Mar

Since the big 580ml bleed I had 10 days ago I have twice another 40ml in ‘one-off’ bleeds. There seem to be no rational reasons why after several normal Stoma bag cleans I should suddenly find fresh blood. I have been keeping a record of what I’ve been eating and doing prior to those minor bleeds but there is no trend. If the doctors aren’t worried about a 580ml bleed, they are not going to be concerned about 40ml bleeds several days apart. And if they are not worried, why should I be?

Today Bronwen and I tidied up some overgrown shrubs around the property. I even used the chain-saw to cut back some unruly branches. There has been no consequent bleed!

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Posted by on 19 March, 2011 in Family, Medical, Personal


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