Christchurch and working in midst of personal trials

02 Mar

I was talking to a Christchurch journalist who was having a break in Nelson last weekend. He told me that one of his colleagues had lost several of her friends in the collapse of the CTV building in Christchurch. She has been in deep grief and although offered time off by her employers, she had continued to work. She feels she is better able to handle her emotions by being positively involved in work than by sitting around doing nothing and focusing on her loss.

Those who travel the cancer road know how she feels. There may be a sentence of death passed over us, but life becomes a lot more enjoyable if we are actively and positively involved in the lives of others.

Bronwen’s and my road is still a roller-coaster ride of pain and emotions but it is balanced by the positive day-to-day involvement we have in home schooling our grand-children, Abe and Phoebe. Some friends have suggested Becky should not put that pressure on us, the same as an employer should not expect a journalist to work, but there is far more therapy in active work than in sitting around with no goals that involve building into someone’s eternity. The fact that Rebekah has invited us to continue with the children this year is a God-given blessing to us and gives us a raison d’être.

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