God’s agents are everywhere

02 Mar

On Sunday evening I was experiencing some acute pain in my right shoulder area. It was affecting my breathing and Bronwen felt I should get it seen to. The duty doctor arranged for a ‘non-urgent’ ambulance to collect me and take me to the Nelson Hospital A & E Dept.

As the paramedic was assessing me, it came up in conversation that I was a christian who had done mission work overseas. Nothing more was said until we arrived at the hospital. The paramedic sent his assistant to do a message, then confided in me that he too was a christian and would I be happy for him to pray with me before we went in. I agreed and was most impressed with the way he prayed: no hollow platitudes or faith avowals. Instead he asked that in whatever lay ahead for me, the Lord Himself would be glorified both in and through me.

Later, the St John’s volunteer who dispenses cups of tea to those waiting in A & E also mentioned a couple of phrases when we chatted about the Christchurch quake, such as “none of us know the day or the hour” and “Christchurch reminds us about building our lives on sand”. My interest was stirred and I soon discovered she was a member of a local Presbyterian church in the right place at the right time on Sunday night bringing comfort to a fellow believer who was in pain.

God has his agents everywhere. It is not hard to recognise them. They are mostly not the loud, brash ones. They often minister with a still small voice of wisdom.

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