No-one knows the hour …

07 Mar

It has been pretty mind-numbing to watch the scenes of devastation following the Christchurch earthquake and to hear the cries of hopelessness and helplessness. It must be tough for the rescuers and searchers. It has also been interesting seeing the international aid that has poured in and where it has come from. Most from countries with cultural ties to NZ through Christian backgrounds and laws and other countries that have had citizens lost in the rubble. It has also been interesting to note the ideologies of countries that have not become involved in the rescue and recovery process. It is true that our worldview affects our compassion and a country’s religion determines its worldview.

The tumultuous event also demonstrates that none of us know the day or the hour when we are due to keep our appointment with death and to stand before the judgement seat of Christ. Ever since the sentence of death was passed on me 28 months ago in the colorectal cancer + liver and lung metastases diagnosis and prognosis, I have realised that the most important thing in life is to be ready for death whenever and however it comes. Jesus, through His death and resurrection, is the only one who can give us the peace to confront the last daunting enemy of death, whether it be slow or quick.

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