Cold in Tassie

18 Apr

After four days of overcast weather in Victoria, we arrived in Hobart last Thursday to more of the same but coupled with a significant drop in temperatures. We did have a couple of lovely sunny days on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s Monday now and we’re back to cool and overcast. (It seems to be a bit like the political climate!)

Anyway, the fellowship is warm, and yesterday we enjoyed visiting Hobart Baptist Church where I had pastored for 5+ years. Our visit coincided with a church lunch so we were able to catch up with so many that we had grown to love when we lived here. Our social round over the next few days is pretty full as we meet with others we’ve known in Hobart as well.

Healthwise my body seems to be coping with the pace and travel although Friday was a very ‘blah’ day. (I blame some of that on having to travel Jetstar and enduring the long queues, delays and lack of service I’ve grown accustomed to receiving from them)

We’re looking forward to going to Canberra on Thursday to see the latest grandson for the first time.

On top of it all, we’re so grateful for God’s grace and physical enabling that is enabling us to do this trip.

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