Could get to know Aussie hospitals

24 Apr

Bronwen and I came to Canberra last Thursday to stay with our son and his family. It was our first chance to see our latest grandchild, Joseph Philip Douglas Duncan, now 6 weeks old.

It is nice to celebrate Easter with them. We went out for dinner on Saturday night to a local Chinese restaurant. That night, between 10pm and midnight I bled about 250ml into the stoma bag. I was a wee bit worried we might have to make an early morning visit to Canberra Hospital A & E for a transfusion. Fortunately I only lost a further 80mls during the night.

As always, we try to work out what aggravated the duodenal ulcer and it might appear that the ginger in my roast duck dish might have been the culprit together with some not-so-mild spices in the lamb dish.

The weather has been the best we’ve experienced so far in Australia and Easter Sunday has been a relaxed family day. Joseph even smiled at me!

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