The preciousness of tender hearts

01 Apr

Phoebe and Abraham had a ‘sleepover’ at our house last night as their mother had an engagement that ran till late. The children always love sleepovers and always like Grandad’s special porridge in the morning.

Last night I had to go out to conduct the third of four seminars I am doing for men at a local church. Before I left Phoebe asked where I was going and I asked her if she would pray for me. I got home late and the children had been asleep for a while. Phoebe had started the evening in Grandma’s bed so we woke her and transferred her to her own bed. I had kissed her and tucked her up and as I left the room, a very tired little voice called out to me, “Did the preaching go well, Grandad?” How touching, that even though she’d been interrupted in her sleep, and was returning to her sweet dreams, she had suddenly realised Grandad was home again and she wanted to know how his preaching was.

It sure melted our hearts and we gave thanks for the lovely sensitive spirits of Abe and Phoebe. May no-one put a stumbling block in the way of their development!

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