Another little miracle!

20 May

Over the past 3 years God has given us many little evidences of His presence with us.

Yesterday we got a phone call from our daughter, Philippa, in Winchelsea, Australia about a miracle she received.

While I was in Hobart recently I had to have a blood test. The account for $50 was sent to me at Pip’s Winchelsea address and she paid it without letting me know she had done so. Two days later she was in the Geelong Public Library browsing and came across a book on amazing recoveries from cancer. With me in mind she decided to read it and while she was doing so, out popped a blank envelope with $200 in it!

In that particular book, after she had just paid an account she could not really afford to pay, was this another sign of God’s smile on our lives? Another watering of the seed of hope?

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