Last week in Australia

09 May

After getting out of Geelong Hospital we went back to Philippa and Mark’s property in Winchelsea where Abe & Phoebe also joined us. We had a lovely time attending the children’s sporting events over the weekend and generally relaxing. The weather was also good and I had no more problems from the blood loss other than lethargy.

We left for the airport very early on the Wednesday morning and had breakfast there before catching our AirNZ flight back to Auckland. We met my brother Gordon In Auckland and he helped with our bags. I was not supposed to be lifting very much because of concerns with my stoma herniating. It pained me more to see Bronwen having to lug them around.

We finally made it back to Nelson at 9pm on the Wednesday night. There was an element of doubt about us being able to land due to low cloud but we came in on time. It was very, very nice to get back into our own beds.

We also discovered that the weather while we were away was better in Australia than it had been in Nelson so we timed it right. My body is taking a while to recover from the combination of blood-loss and lots of travelling but I am taking it slowly. I had a blood test on the Thursday morning as soon as I got home so all the results will be available for my next Oncology visit on Tuesday 10th

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