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10 May

Had my two-monthly visit with the oncologist today.

I recounted the fun and games I’d had while in Australia and asked why the duodenal ulcer keeps bleeding when I’m on a high dose of Omeprazole. She said that my ulcer is not a typical ulcer and therefore does not react or respond as ‘normal’ ulcers would. Mine is more like an injury or ‘disease’ caused by the leakage of the first dose of radio-active spheres I received into my liver (December 2008). The CT scan taken in Geelong a couple of weeks ago, at the time of my last big bleed, showed no evidence of small or large bowel obstruction or anything that might suggest a cause for the large bowel bleeding. No ‘pooling’ was evident either that would suggest a site for the bleeding and no focal aggressive bone lesion could be seen.

The CT Scan did show large multiple hepatic metastasis and lower lobe lung metastases but we knew that already. The Oncologist palpated my stomach and noted that my liver is distended (enlarged) and tender in places but from the blood test results affirmed that the liver function is holding its own.

Any pain is still being controlled by Panadol only, so the Oncologist does not believe any further intervention is warranted at this stage. She encouraged me to continue to accept speaking engagements as I feel able, but to ensure I also get adequate rest.

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