Spoke too soon

01 May

We arrived in Geelong on Tuesday and booked into an apartment to spend a couple of days with some friends who had flown down from the Gold Coast. The first day was great but on Wednesday evening I ended up in Geelong Public Hospital after losing 650ml in 2 hours on Wednesday evening. Losing nearly 1 litre of blood in 3 days seemed a bit too much to lose.

The medical care at Geelong hospital was excellent. The Emergency Department doctor referred me to the gastro-enterologist who considered operating if the bleeding didn’t stop. In the end, although my haemoglobin dropped from 112 in Hobart before Easter, to 99 Wed night and 94 on Thursday, I didn’t need a transfusion. (The level has to drop below 90 before they consider a transfusion is necessary).

It is encouraging to know that my blood has recovered sufficiently over recent weeks to be able to withstand these mysterious bleeds. We still have no real idea why the duodenal ulcer suddenly decides to bleed.

I was discharged on Friday at mid-day. Bronwen enjoyed an extra night in the waterfront apartment with our friends. We are both now at our daughter Philippa’s place in Winchelsea until we return home next week.


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