What a difference a pint makes!

16 May

On Thursday I received 2 units (about 600ml) of blood at the Day Stay Unit, Nelson Public Hospital. As appears usual, Friday was a wipe-out: it seems the body initially tries to fight the new blood. On Saturday I watched Abraham play soccer in the morning, then flew to Wellington in the afternoon to stay with my ‘spiritual son & daughter’, Andrew & Hannah Gan and their lovely family.

With Andrew, 'Lulu', Vicky & Hannah at 'The Beijing'

We enjoyed a scrumptious meal at a chinese restaurant in Wellington on Saturday evening, endured a Wellington gale and storm on Saturday night before preaching at the Chinese Baptist Church in Newtown on Sunday morning. There was a church lunch, and then I met with the young people in the afternoon.

When I got to the airport to return to Nelson I was met after check-in by a family delegation from Tawa. Shona & Bruce, Helen & Peter and my neice, Amanda, Aubrey and their children. Helen is celebrating her 60th birthday today so it was nice we could get together.

Helen, me and Shona

the family delegation from Tawa

Last weekend, one service on the Sunday morning exhausted me. This weekend I had 2 flights, and 2 services over 36 hours and still felt quite well at the end of it. What a difference a couple of units of blood makes!

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