From treading water to dog-paddle

26 Jun

It’s been nearly three weeks since I blogged about the loss of 950ml of blood. I expected my haemoglobin to eventually drop to below 90 after 10 days as it usually does, at which stage I would receive the two units of blood top-up. None of that happened. My haemoglobin has been steady but not yet back to normal so I haven’t received my hoped for ‘fix’.

I was beginning to look to the IV blood drip as my saviour – even to the point of singing to the little pack of blood hanging above me that beautiful song,”You raise me up … to more than I can be”!

This time my body has accepted the struggle to produce new blood, along with its struggle against the metastases, etc. In that time I’ve also had to contend with a couple of small liver internal bleeds that are very painful (unlike the larger duodenum bleeds). In spite of these battles that have meant nearly three weeks of ‘one day up; one day flat’, I feel as if I’ve finally moved from treading water to making forward progress, even if it is only dog-paddle.


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