The old body is not giving up yet!

07 Jun

After losing 950ml blood between Friday lunch time and Saturday morning, I expected to be lining up for a blood transfusion this week as has been the case every other time this has happened. I was complaining that they didn’t pre-empt the expected further drop in my haemoglobin and give me the blood they had already cross-matched on Friday night at the Nelson Hospital. Instead I had to have follow-up blood tests on Saturday morning and again this morning (Tuesday).

Yesterday was one of the worst days I’ve had for a long time. No energy, lethargic and feelings of nausea. Today I have felt a good deal better and it appears the body has again responded well. My blood count dropped to 99 on Friday night, was up to 102 on Saturday morning and was 103 this morning. They will not transfuse unless the count drops to below 90. Here’s hoping the upward trend continues and my energy is renewed every morning, as the prophet Isaiah said.

Yesterday may have been complicated by the fact that I had 2 cups of coffee during the day and I’ve recently discovered that coffee (whether ordinary or decaffinated) actually closes the liver down for an extended period and it is not able to process bile! (See also: Caffeine blues)With my liver under some stress, perhaps that had something to do with the feelings of nausea.

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