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11 Jul

On 3 June I lost 950ml blood. After five weeks on ‘kangaroo petrol’, lurching from one day of normal energy to the next being a ‘blah’ day, back to a good day, then reverting to yuk, I am finally to get a top-up of a couple of units of blood tomorrow.

In discussing this compromised quality of life due to non-replacement of the lost blood, the Oncologist said that the problem is that I do not have a clinical crisis when I lose that quantity of blood, therefore they cannot transfuse me. On the other hand she said that I can get a transfusion if I have symptomatic reactions such as headaches, light-headedness, unsteadiness on my feet, nausea and deep lethargy. I’m not sure why I haven’t been told this before as I have phoned her office on numerous occasions in the last 5 weeks complaining of such symptoms.

The blood tests indicate my liver function levels are raised, but not worryingly so. She did not give me specific figures!

All in all, the Oncologist seems to think I’m doing quite well though and has pushed my next appointment out to three months. (The last two appointments have only been two months apart).

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