I’m getting to be well known among my ‘blood brothers’

27 Jul

It’s nice to make friends wherever you go, but there’s always some you’d be happy to have a little less to do with.

I walk into Medlab for a blood test and get a cheery “hi, welcome back” from the staff there. The nurses at the Hospital Day Stay Unit where I get the transfusions recognise my voice on the phone and seem happy to be seeing me again. They are all becoming ‘blood brothers’.

I had a blood test on Monday and the results showed my haemoglobin had dropped to 89 after the bleed 2 weeks ago. My iron levels have also dropped significantly. That usually means an automatic transfusion so I had another test today for cross-matching. The GP has set up an appointment for me to have 3 units of blood transfused into me this Friday.

I called the Day Stay Unit to confirm details and they are already primed for my arrival at 7.45am. The nurses are always so warm and cheerful. Just wish I didn’t have to keep meeting them like this.

I hope I can hang on to this next lot of blood for longer than the 2 weeks the last 2 units stayed with me!

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