Chest x-ray on Thursday

13 Aug

The GP had put me on a course of anti-biotics even though he thought my deep-seated chest infection was viral. He also decided to refer me for a chest x-ray to see how much of the cough was viral and how much was being caused by the growth of the metastases in the lung.

I went to Nelson Public Hospital Radiology on Thursday for the x-ray and was told to expect the report in about 10 days.

An envelope arrived from Radiology in today’s mail. Why had it come early? What had they discovered? I was reluctant to open the letter and sat around with it in my pocket for some time. I had run through in my mind the probable findings and had prepared myself for the worst. Eventually I opened it. It read,

INDICATION: Persistent cough. Known pulmonary metastases.
FINDINGS: A Portacath is in situ in the left anterior chest wall, no change in the chatheter, the tip of which lies in the proximal SVC.

Pulmonary metastases are not radiographically visible. No focal consolidation is demonstrated. Pleural spaces are clear. The heart and mediastinum are normal.

No destructive skeletal lesion identified.

COMMENT: No cause of cough identified.

Signed by the radiologist.

I sat like a stunned mullet and then Bronwen and I joined hands and again thanked God for His amazing grace and mercy towards us. Of course, we realise that this was a chest x-ray, not a CT Scan, however x-ray is a common tool for identifying cancers in the lung.

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