I wish I knew what is going on!

04 Aug

After waiting a while to get it, on Friday I received 3 units of blood that lifted my haemoglobin to 118. That should take care of the immune levels as well to fight the viral chest infection I’ve had for a couple of weeks.

And then …

… yesterday afternoon I started to bleed again. I had lost 450ml by bedtime and a total of 720ml up to 10.30 this morning. That is 75% of what I got 5 days ago! I would love to know why these bleeds suddenly happen, and then just as suddenly stop. I also think it would be great if some surgeon could just knick into my abdomen and cut out the offending 5cm of duodenum that has the damaged tissue. If I could get that cleared up, my quality of life would improve dramatically because apart from these bleeds, the metastases themselves don’t seem to be causing me too many problems.


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