Not a week to remember …

13 Aug

Last week was not a week to savour.

Once again, over the previous weekend, when all the doctors had gone home to their families, my body decided to do its rebellious thing. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights I had raging fever, night sweats and coughing spasms. My stomach felt as if it had been David Tua’s punch bag. It was tight and distended. I resisted pressure to take myself to the Emergency Dept because I had a pretty good idea based on experience what would happen.

Monday, the coughing started to subside. I had a blood test and the haemoglobin was 103 which was pretty good. Tuesday was quite a good day but then on Wednesday I had an enormous wave of nausea hit me at about 8pm. It struck again at 6am on Thursday morning, 7.30pm Thursday night and finally at 3.30pm on Friday morning. Interestingly there was no actual vomitting with any of the waves but they left me very exhausted. The one on Friday morning came more as an explosion from my stomach/abdomen area and since then my midriff is not so tight, I am able to eat a bit more again, and there have been no more waves of nausea.

During the midst of these attacks, I felt the Lord seemed to say to me, “Try and find My face in the storm”.

One special blessing came one morning when Phoebe, who loves to write little notes from her heart, brought a piece of paper and placed it on my desk in front of me. It read, “I lov you gradad but if you diy I wil stil lov you too. XXX”. That makes the sunshine break through the clouds!

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