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Video of Doug’s Funeral

Funeral Services for Doug Duncan, Oct 11, 2011 from James Duncan on Vimeo.

On October 11, family met for a small funeral service at Nelson Baptist, after which they met at the cemetery for the interment. A bit later that afternoon, a larger celebration service was held at Hope Community Church. Both services are shown in part here, spliced together during the eulogy. Photos from the interment accompany the final hymn.


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He’s God’s now

Dad has beaten us all into God’s presence. In the last hour his cancer has been defeated once and for all.

Mother and Rebekah were with him for his graduation, though Simeon, Philippa and I thank God that we were able to say our goodbyes to him in meaningful ways, even though at the time we didn’t know they were goodbyes.

In the last week he spent precious time with our Wellington family, and kept his promise to Abe and Phoebe to take them on the ferry. This weekend Alex, Rosemary, Shona and Bruce filled his love tank with their friendship and fellowship. And on Sunday he baptized and dedicated Abe and Phoebe.

Today he sits down for the marriage supper of the Lamb with a full appetite and an empty stomach.

For Dad, it was a week that could not have been better.


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