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Living in the past

On Tuesday Bronwen and I flew to Christchurch to attend the Concert at Westpac Stadium featuring Cliff Richard and the Shadows. It was great. I would love to think I have as much energy as Cliff if I make it to 70! Hank Marvin was still the cool dude I liked when I was a teenager.

It was noticeable that 95% of the audience all had grey hair and 70% were women, perhaps still hopeful of catching the Bachelor Boy. One of the good things about going to these sorts of concerts is that the audience aren’t gyrating in their seats and in the aisles obstructing views. Most of them would be worried about ‘popping their hips’! And it doesn’t matter about the noise because they can turn their hearing aids down. I was amused that all around me I could hear people discussing their health issues.

We stayed overnight with friends in Rangiora and caught the plane home the next day. It was full of satisfied concert goers, many of whom we knew.

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Value for money

This morning I sat in a hairdressing salon waiting my turn to be shorn. Ahead of me were two younger males with fine heads of hair. Cutting and shaping their hair took the hairdresser considerable time for each and I began rueing the wait – especially as I still have great discomfort sitting.

Eventually I had my turn in the chair knowing that the 3 patrons to follow me would not have long to wait since I don’t have so much hair to manage.


I get value for money!

After trimming my hair and neckline, the hairdresser, at no extra charge, trimmed my ears and eye-brows. Ah, the benefits of being an older gent!

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Don’t get sick near a weekend in NZ

NZ has a fine socialised medical system. The fact that it is bankrupting the nation is not the point of this blog entry. It’s just that things have a way of closing down at weekends and I am not sure which of Murphy’s laws decrees that serious complaints occur when medical centres are closed!

Three weeks after my major surgery I finally got my in-line catheter removed last Wednesday. It was causing some irritation and there was a suspicion that I might have a bladder infection. I do not know why the hospital did not take a sample for analysis at the time. Instead I was sent home and told that if the pain persisted I should consult my GP the next day.

The pain did not abate but got worse so the next day I provided a sample to the GP and hand-delivered it to Medlab for analysis. I was told it would take 2 days for the result to be discovered. And, yes, that meant Saturday when neither Medlab nor the GP were on duty. I had to suffer in silence (!!) over the weekend to discover on Monday that I had E-Coli in my bladder. It was not until Monday afternoon that I was able to take the first tablets of the specific antibiotic to deal with the problem.

Be warned. Think ahead. If you have a niggle that might require Laboratory analysis, act on it in the first half of the week – just in case. You don’t want to be hanging around with these infections longer than you have to.

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“Forget not all His benefits!”

The Psalmist wrote, “Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” He also wrote that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Have you ever considered the extent and ramifications of those statements? We don’t realise how much we take for granted until something happens to deprive us of something.

Since having my rear end removed and a permanent Stoma inserted onto my lower stomach I am having to adjust to a whole new routine in my morning ablutions. I have had quite a mental battle in getting used to the procedures, and the extra time, that will no doubt eventually become a breeze. It has made me realise what I joy it used to be to go into the toilet without giving things a second thought. Truly, the way we were created to dispose of the waste matter the body creates is a benefit worth giving thanks for!

I expect to hear that all who read this will gain new appreciation for their daily mundane bodily functions and songs of praise will emanate from bathrooms around the country.

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Apologies for frankness

Someone close to me has suggested one of my latest blog entries borders on being crude. If others feel the same, I apologise. I know it would be a lot more polite to write about my condition if I had cancer of my finger, but where I have it is often the butt of jokes anyway (sorry – couldn’t help myself!). In the midst of all the pain the area is causing me at the moment, I’ve got to turn into into a laughing matter somehow. Most of you know I’ve never been particularly PC!

I will write more factual stuff as I find out about it from medical reports and analysis of progress so far.

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I’m finally suffering from hair-loss!

When I began the cancer treatment last December, I was warned that I might suffer hair loss. Being very thin in the middle on top was not a concern to me so I was almost welcoming the prospect and wondering what the new look would do for me.

I suffered no hair loss at all while the liver was being treated. It took until half-way through the radiation and chemo therapy for shrinking of the rectal tumour for hair loss to occur.

I haven’t got a before and after picture to show you, but let me just say that the hair loss is in the affected area only. On the top of my head, I’m as thick (or at least my hair is) as it was twelve months ago.

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