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Giving thanks for divine protection

On Friday, 9th July when Abraham and I drove down to Hanmer Springs for the weekend, we stopped at Maruia Falls for lunch. It is on the main highway, about 22 kilometres south of Murchison. The falls are interesting in that they were formed during the 1929 Murchison earthquake. I wanted to show and explain the geological feature to Abraham.

After I had photographed him beside the river I turned to walk back up to our vehicle. My feet slipped on the rocks and I crashed down on my left side on the rocks. I landed on a rock on my stoma – no pain, but it precipitated some bleeding for the next 24 hours!  The left side of my head smacked the ground very hard, the main impact being between the left ear and my temple. It was so quick that I had no chance to put my hands out to protect myself. What amazed me was that my head landed on an area of soft grass about 30cm x 30cm (1 ft x 1 ft). There was a rock 4cm in front of my nose and another large one just above my head. On inspection I discovered that it was the only clear patch of grass free of stones or rocks for several meters around.

The area is out of mobile phone range (for my phone anyway) and no-one else was around. If I had landed on a rock, I wonder what Abraham could have done, and where I might be now!

When we gave thanks for our lunch we also gave heartfelt thanks for God’s wonderful protection.

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Happy campers

Well, we made it and had a great time. Weather and health were both excellent.

Phoebe was a bit disappointed at the prospect of missing out so I ended up taking her as well and the three of us slept very comfortably in our little tent. There were about 15 other homeschooling families and we all camped in the same area of Quinney’s Bush.

We played in the river, on flying foxes (or zip-lines for our USA friends!), huge tyre swings, water slides, cooked our own camp food, sat around a camp fire in the evenings and toasted marshmellows. We studied the stars before retiring for bed and marvelled at the wonder of God, His creation and His love for us. It was a great memory-making weekend.

On the first night Phoebe needed to clarify what all the sounds were as she lay down to sleep: for instance it was the river she could hear and not rain. Before drifting into sleep she declared, “God is strong. He can kill foxes and wolves and monsters. He looks after us … and His angels”. Having satisfied herself with this statement, she was asleep in one minute.

Following are some photos of the three of us  with our tent, eating our evening meal, and Abe and Phoebe checking on Grandad.


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Visitors from Singapore

The day after our sibling reunion one of our dear friends from Singapore, Pastor Patrick Low arrived with two of his elders and their wives. Their sole motivation in coming was to spend time with Bronwen and I and to take us ‘dining’, the #1 Singaporean pastime. We have known Patrick and Christian Community Chapel for more than 30 years and have walked along many similar pathways with him and the church. They brought love and greetings from the church and individual cards and letters from the members.

The church is a very loving one and has also shown practical demonstrations of their generous spirit in the past, not just to us but to the persecuted church in India and other ministers in the USA who have passed through deep valleys. Although it was a very busy week with travelling from restaurant to restaurant and returning to our abode for the mandatory afternoon rests, we were very much encouraged by their visit and greatly refreshed in spirit.

The picture was taken in one of the fine dining establishments in Christchurch (the award-winning Curator’s House at the Botanical Gardens). From left to right: Willy Tan, Yow Kin Cheong, Dr Patrick Low, Doris Cheong, Bronwen and Joyce Tan.


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