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The Years of the SparrowThe Years of the Sparrow

I have just self-published an anthology of more than 40 poems that I have written over 45 years.

The poems are divided into three sections: Poems of love and family; poems written in the valleys; poems regarding the church and the Kingdom of God. A fourth small section has some poems I wish I’d written – poems that have had a major influence in my life and outlook.

Some of the poems have been turned into songs. Some have been written in the past 18 months out of my battle with cancer, while others were written when passing through earlier valleys.

The Years of the Sparrow is for sale at $NZ20 postage paid. [wp_cart:The Years of the Sparrow:price:20.00:end]

Within NZ, ‘Sparrow‘ is $NZ15 postage paid. [wp_cart:The Years of the Sparrow:price:15.00:end]

To Reign as KingsTo Reign as Kings

To Reign as Kings explores the dynamics of the spiritual realm and how humans, as spiritual beings interact dynamically with it. It is not an academic treatise of theology, but a very practical, hard-hitting, sometimes embarrassing investigation of what it really means to live life above the ordinary as children of the King of the universe.

To Reign As Kings teaches how we can consistently move in spiritual power. It exposes religiosity and unreal mysticism and demonstrates how we can be naturally spiritual and spiritually natural.

If you read it honestly, To Reign As Kings will challenge your lifestyle to get off the treadmill and out of the rat-race. When you act upon its principles, you will begin to confidently reign in life as a king, making your life count in service to God and humanity.

To Reign as Kings is for sale at $NZ25 postage paid. [wp_cart: To Reign as Kings:price:25.00:end]

Within NZ, ‘To Reign as Kings‘ is $NZ15 postage paid. [wp_cart:To Reign as Kings:price:15.00:end]


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